How We Convert?

We go through each line of your source code. Each screen in your application is converted into a Windows form with full Graphical User Interface. We convert your report to a Windows based system with option to export the report to PDF, EXCEL.

We provide you an independent module to import old data to new Database System. We offer you reasonable delivery schedule. Our Software can support international language. We can enter into non disclosure agreement as per your requirement.

Can All the applications be converted?

Most of the existing applications can be converted or migrated. However those using specific hardware, or complicated third party libraries may not be converted smoothly. In such cases, a new design is recommended.

Our Offer!

We offer complete migration and conversion solution including Database migration / conversion. The main features are:

  1. Three months of free support after implementation through internet including remote access support.
  2. We transfer you the full source code.
  3. Easy Payment options.
  4. We charge about US$6 per 100 lines of old codes. Our minimum charges is US$1,500 and we can handle project up to US$50,000 at ease.

What we need from you for a Quote?

  • Your existing application with test Database. The file may be uploaded to our file drop box.
  • Your expected schedule.
  • Your preferred Migration path (for language and Database).
Request for a Quote

Case Studies

Accounting software

We converted a Clipper5.2 base accounting package into Windows through Delph7. Reports were developed using Fast Report. The conversion resulted in very good user interface leading to complete user's satisfaction. Full GUI was supported. The application contains more than 20 forms and 40 reports. The conversion was done in about 8 weeks. Target Database: Paradox, DBF.

Billing Software

We converted a few billing Software. They range from simple billing solution to highly complicated system. The conversion resulted in very professional looking Invoices and user ability to email the Invoice to the customer. The Software were developed using Delph7 and Visual Studio 2005/2008. Target Database: Paradox, DBF, SQL Server, Vista DB, SQLite.

Reservation System

We developed reservation system for Restaurants and SPA with multi location features. The development was done as desktop solution as well as internet based solution. The tools used were Visual Studio(C#) for Desktop, ASP.Net for Web based solution. Target Database system- SQL Server, mySQL.