Why Migrate?

Your text based application is working OK with some limitation and it is working for the past 10 years or more.

Why you should migrate? Consider the following disadvantages of the existing text based application.

  1. The application is text based as compared to new graphical based system.
  2. Being a very old system and not targeted towards Window, it is not multitasking. When this application being run, it takes entire resource with it.
  3. The clipper application typically can not print to USB printer and other modern devices.
  4. It does not support mouse and other pointing devices without third party library.
  5. It uses a flat database system as against Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS).
  6. It does not run properly on window system and can not run in full window mode under Window7.
  7. Being an old programming language it can assess limited memory address only.
  8. It is an old and obsolete technology. Presently no training is available which address to this language and application developed in this language.
  9. DOS have been discontinued since 1995 and it is difficult to find employee who can use text based application.

When you migrate to your application to Windows, you have the following advantages:

  1. Migrating to Window helps you in retaining your old logic with new database and new technology.
  2. You use latest database system. New application helps you in optimal use of computing resources such as computer, printers and network system.
  3. The new application is developed in 32 bits/ 64 bits as compared to Clipper system's 16 bit.
  4. New applications are fully compatible with present day's window system.

With conversion, you give a new life to your age old application.